Bespoke Orders

 Do you have something special that you want preserved and transformed? Whether its flowers from your wedding bouquet, sand from a special holiday, or a flower you got from a loved one. We can create a bespoke pair of WINIE jewels especially for you.


How do I make a bespoke order?
Send through an email to or via the contact form below for more information and to discuss.
What do we do?
Create exquisite handmade gems to encapsulate your special flowers and memories.
Where do you accept flowers from?
We can accept your dried flowers from anywhere in New Zealand. We accept real or artificial flowers.
How many flowers do I need to send?
Depending on your order, we need at least a handful to make one pair of crystal drop earrings. Include flowers and foliage.
What will my flowers look like?
The colour of your dried flowers typically indicates the colour of your finished gems, they may change overtime. Please also note that white flowers tend to yellow as they dry.  

How do I look after my gems?
Keep away from sunlight and water (prolonged exposure to sunlight, i.e. laying on a table will discolour your gems). Please be careful and put on your perfume, hair spray etc. before wearing your jewels.

Can I buy this service as a gift voucher?
Of course! This makes a perfect gift. Send through an email to discuss options.